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Who was Tom "Bear River" Smith Before Abilene?

Tom Smith Abilene's first marshal is assumed to be born in New York City on June 12 of 1840. Smith grew up to be a professional boxer before he joined the New your Police force. Tom left the force in 1868 after being involved with an accident resulting in the death of a 14-year-old boy. he proceeded to take a job the Union pacific Railroad. Smith headed west ended up in Bear River City, Wyoming. there the proves himself to be a tough man using his boxing skills. soon after he was appointed marshal of the town. Durning his time there a group of vigilantes hung a murderer who worked for the railroad. the man's friends revolted resulting in a mob of hundreds. the lawless burned down town buildings and inciting a shootout with citizens trapped in a store room. U.S troops imposed martial law soon Bear River city was just another ghost town. Smith moved down to Kit Carson Missouri holding a simular position. He applied for the marshal job is abilene in 1870 but at first was rejected for local talent. two men from st louis were hired but were so intimidated by the lawlessness in abilene that they quit and back on the train before the day had ended. T.C Henry sent for smith who was then in ellis ks. Smith took the job that spring

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